Coworking with a cause

Welcome to one of the first co-working spaces based on a social enterprise project! By choosing our desks and services you support the future of a youngster, raised in an orphanage. We work hard on making sure they get a proper start in life by providing the first job and a Mentorship Program for them.

Teahouse underneath

Working here gives you the tempting option to try our amazing collection of teas, both local and exotic and enjoy your morning cup of coffee in a friendly and cosy environment. And by the way, your first cup for the day will be for free!

Events and community

During the last 3 years we have been recognized as a local cultural and social venue, so you can become part of many events that happen under our roof. And in case you step into the role of a host, we can provide the venue and even the catering for your audience!

"We do not hire people to brew tea,
we brew tea, so we can hire people!"

Why go social?

We believe that children raised in orphanages have a right to live a happy and fulfilling life and become quality members of our society. Being raised without parents in a competitive and harsh environment leaves a lot of deep marks and leads to emotional and educational gaps in their lives. We have come to realize that there is so much we can do to support those orphans in catching up on all the knowledge and life-lessons they have missed throughout the years. That is why we are dedicated to provide them with their first sheltered jobs in The Social Teahouse, where they can learn to get on their feet and make a living for themselves

Our co-working space is situated in the same building as the cozy Social Teahouse, where the youngsters raised in institutions work and make their first mistakes guided and encouraged by their mentors. You can get served by them with over 30 types of local and exotic herbal teas and a variety of other locally mixed drinks. Of course, being part of our Social Co-working Space, you will get a free cup of tea or coffee every day!

You can find more information about The Social Teahouse and our team on our website and Facebook page.

What else we provide?

Speedy wifi connection

For everybody who loves racing on the internet, you can take advantage of the high-speed 5G network in our workspace!

Printer and projector

When you need to get out of the digital world and print some documents or you want to show off on the big wall...

Storage options

Do you need to store something away for when you are not around? We got you covered!

Long working hours

You are welcome to be productive at our workspace every day from 10 am to 10 pm! On Mondays you will have special access.

Free daily coffee or tea

The biggest advantage of having a comfy teahouse two floors beneath you? Good options for coffee breaks during hard work!

The lone wolf
1 person
to be using the workspace
1 day - 13 BGN
1 week - 50 BGN
1 month - 132 BGN
3 months - 264 BGN
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Teamwork experience
3 people
to be using the workspace
1 day - 30 BGN
1 week - 120 BGN
1 month - 310 BGN
3 months - 650 BGN
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Company effort
4 people
to be using the workspace
1 day - 40 BGN
1 week - 158 BGN
1 month - 424 BGN
3 months - 858 BGN
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